P0465 es un código de diagnóstico de problemas (DTC) para “Mal funcionamiento del circuito del sensor de flujo de purga”. Esto puede ocurrir por múltiples razones y un mecánico necesita diagnosticar la causa específica para que este código se active en su situación. Nuestros mecánicos móviles certificados pueden ir a su casa u oficina para realizar el

. Una vez que seamos capaces de diagnosticar el problema, se le proporcionará un presupuesto por adelantado para la reparación recomendada y recibirá $ 20.0 de descuento como un crédito para la reparación. Todas nuestras reparaciones están respaldadas por nuestra garantía de 12 meses / 12.000 millas.

El código P0465 indica que el circuito del sensor de flujo de purga, parte del sistema de control EVAP, está funcionando mal. Este código es probable que esté presente con otros códigos del sistema que se relacionan con el sistema de control de EVAP.

Dentro del sistema EVAP, la presión de emisiones o “flujo” se detecta a través de lecturas de voltaje que son recibidas por el PCM desde varios sensores. El PCM compara estas lecturas con las especificaciones del fabricante. Si las lecturas del circuito del sensor de flujo de purga no coinciden con las lecturas especificadas por el fabricante, el PCM asumirá que alguna parte del sistema de control EVAP está funcionando mal, y almacenará el código P0465.


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  U1170 - Código de falla OBD2

Introduzca su dirección de correo electrónico para recibir el manual de Roadi RDT40 Digital OBD2-Can Lector de códigos en el idioma / idiomas: inglés como archivo adjunto en su correo electrónico. El manual tiene un tamaño de 0,68 mb.


Subaru always in its line, putting glitches, a car with 5,000 km does not have to break the engine, that car had to have some failure insurance, and as you say there was something wrong with the control units.this does not mean that the guy had to be a foot down balls too.

I believe that all or almost all cars memeorizan all cuts to do at least in an alfa 147 that I had I went the belt with 60. 000 km and I had just finished the warranty, I said it was not normal because the day before I had passed the revision but in the workshop they took me some graphs in a pile of sheets and told me that the car had cut TURURU nose how many thousands of times to what I had to shut up because it was true (they were not cuts to be stopped and melt it but tramear, arrive in 3rd squeezed to a curve that you have to reduce to second and short or else who would have braked and above loaded). although it is also true that the alfa had more electronics nonsense than the ostia.


I at the dealership where I work, before my accident, a friend of mine with a Honda Civic TypeR fucked two valves in a retention, the guy told me that he was going quietly and the engine failure light came on and the car did not pull, his father brought it to me and as soon as I saw the car I told the father; fuck if it comes in three pistons? and the father told me fuck because with three pistons as the bastard runs. Well to the subject, I put the tester and take out the parameters of the control unit, as Honda asks me and indeed in retention came up to 12,500 revolutions, this in a European car would burst everything and in this with the change of two valves, set of gaskets and mount were 1200 bucks and run, indeed paid the customer, then told me the story and not to stick an ostia descumunal and take ahead 4 motorcycles nailed the car from fifth gear to second. The crash did not hit him but the reduction was impressive.

P0456 dodge

The engine diagnostic light indicates the failure of a component or a system related to emissions when this failure leads to an increase in emissions and therefore to exceeding the regulatory limits .

Illumination occurs after 3 consecutive driving cycles (a driving cycle includes starting the engine, a running-in phase during which a malfunction is detected, and engine shutdown).


Extinction of the diagnostic light after 3 consecutive driving cycles during which the monitoring system responsible for the activation does not detect any more malfunctions; the fault becomes fugitive.

For all the calculators complying with the L4 solution standard with the eobd active, it is necessary to inform the after-sales area at each request of deletion of the memorized fault codes.

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